Here is a sample of genuine testimonials from my clients. I have obviously withheld their full names for reasons of confidentiality.

"I came to see you a year ago to stop smoking and I can honestly say it's been the best year of my life.  Smoke free and loving every minute.  I was right in saying I wouldn't need the free session!!!  I now swim regularly  and find I have much more energy.  My family tell me that I look brighter and my skin has lost that grey look ( I didn't realise that it was that grey!!) I have a new granddaughter and being able to hold her without reservation and to run after my grandson is all the affirmation I need that it was the right thing to do. I went to America in August and my brother (who has never smoked and is a rock climber in his spare time) climbed up a waterfall with me which I know that I would never have been able to do just six months prior - I'm going back to climb the bigger one next time! So once again a big big thank you as I couldn't have done any of it without you..." M.W. Stowmarket                                                                                         

"I just wanted to say that the work I have done with Gavin has changed my life. I feel free for the first time and really positive. I came for help with weight loss but found my problem was deeper in the past. I have now lost over 4 stone and its thanks to your hypnotherapy I am where I am today." S.L. Stowmarket

When I first went to Stow-hypno, I had issues which were holding me in a spiral of depression. These were issues of my own making, so resolving them and moving on was impossible for me to do alone. For my own reasons, I had built myself a wall through which I could not pass and which tied me to the past. Gavin, steadily and with seemingly endless patience walked beside me as I built up a tool box, enabling me to take down the wall, brick by self-made brick. A couple of years later and I like being me now. Life still hands me challenges, I still find myself making blocks, but now I am aware of what I am doing and why - and the block becomes smaller and just forms the basis of a sensible set of warnings which I can listen to - and then choose whether to stop or go. I will be forever grateful to Gavin for helping me take back my life from my inner fears. I had wanted him to wave a magic wand over my life; what he did was far more permanent- he activated my own magic wand. T.G. Stowmarket

"I visited you around 13 months ago because of my fear of losing (primarily in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)... Over the last 13 months I have moved BJJ clubs to an amazing club, full of world ranking and European champions. I've started competing again, and will be even more next year. The strangest and probably biggest change is that I gave up my small self employed garden maintenance business, and started studying food science full time at university. Passed all my exams this year, and even got a distinction of Bio Mathematics. I'm even more pleased because I had no GCSE's at all. My education at school in my younger days was a fail, because I didn't go. I took a massive gamble and managed to luckily blag my way onto the degree at uni, which really paid off. So I owe you a massive thanks because it all started turning good after I saw you...I still meditate and use the self hypnosis technique you told me to use." A.B. Stowmarket 

"I borrowed my friend's daughter and took her to Colchester zoo. What a difference it was to my previous experiences - it was truly amazing, I actually enjoyed my day - I think we stayed until it closed! All of the old feelings were gone, I was so calm. We went into all of the enclosures that we could and I was fine, even stroking those animals that we were allowed to. The one thing that took me by surprise was with the sealions. As a family we always used to go to Hunstanton Sealife Centre - I hated it, especially where you had to stand and look at a huge wall of water. I had forgotten about that until we were at the zoo. We watched the sealions from above for a while then went into the viewing area. All of a sudden I was surrounded by the water with them swimming all around. The change - I just loved it, I could just take in what I was seeing. All in all it was a fabulous day. I am no longer a quivering wreck when animals are around, it makes life so much calmer & easier. My friend who already has 3 cats recently got a 12 week old kitten - I have had it on my lap and have even picked it up. Thank you so much Gavin - your hypnotherapy has made a big difference to my life." K.T. Stowmarket

"I first wanted to say thank you for all of your help when I saw you earlier this year. After many years struggling with anxiety and emetophobia, seeing you has had an incredible impact on my day to day life. I think I said to you when we met that I felt an absolute dread that I'd never be able to escape the phobia, that I lived every day worrying that anxiety triggers would arise, and that I found it very hard to cope when they did. Incredibly, I've now spent the last 6 months or so with anxiety playing a much, much smaller role in my life - in fact, I often forget it completely for days on end! The phobia no longer affects what I am doing, and how I feel most of the time - since seeing you, I've been able to successfully hold down a full time job whilst living independently in London, and have even started running - something that I've wanted to do for a long time. I've not cancelled any plans, called in sick to work, or stopped myself from doing something I enjoy due to anxiety at all since I've moved here, and am really pleased to be living a life which feels so much easier, and less inhibited then before. I really can't thank you enough for your help." M.O. Stowmarket

"I started smoking at 13, and despite numerous attempts down the years to quit using various methods, I was unsuccessful for any length of time. At 36 I decided it was high time I stopped, so I turned to hypnotherapy. After one session with Stow Hypno, I no longer had the urge to smoke, or even to pick up a cigarette. I experienced none of the usual withdrawal symptoms or cravings, and I found it very easy to stop. I have no doubt that I am now a non-smoker for life. I felt some health benefits almost immediately, and this will only get better over time - and my purse is healthier too!" C.W. Stowmarket

"I just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know a few good things that have happened since I last saw you. We spoke about me 'answering the call to adventure' and I did just that. I flew to Canada for a holiday, despite my fear of flying. I thought about coming for a session but decided to push myself to use the calming techniques you had already taught me. Despite one very turbulent flight I managed to keep control of my nerves. I also check my basic human needs sheet regularly to keep on top of things and have noticed a very positive impact on my life. Thank you for all the work you did with me, my life has completely changed for the better. The dynamic of my whole family has improved so much because of you, we all recommend you to people! Hopefully many other people can gain as much from your sessions as I have." A.B. Ipswich

"Just felt the need to write the following to thank you for all you have done for me so far. You have helped me find who I really am...gave me confidence to speak up, to say what I want to say instead of keeping my thoughts inside and not to worry what other people think...if I begin to get stressed or upset I hear your voice guiding me to do and think the right things." J.G. Stowmarket

"I have been going to see Gavin now for 18 months, which has been a truly amazing experience. My main reason for having therapy was an alcohol issue which was controlling my life, I was drinking heavily which was resulting in mood swings, aggression, and the breakdown of my relationship with my family. 18 months on and I am now in control of my problem instead of it controlling me, my relationship with my family is the best it has ever been, I have my life back and I am now enjoying the best time of my life! Gavin has completely changed my life for the better and I cannot thank him enough for all his help." J.B. Stowmarket

"Just to say thank you so much for helping me in my quest to give up smoking and cutting down on alcohol. You are a genius. I have not smoked since March (yippee) and now have little desire for my usual white wine." C.B. Stowupland

"It's a bit late coming but I wanted to thank you for your help. Since I last saw you before going on holiday my life has changed considerably....Started my own business, went to Poland for a while, came back, offered a good job with flexible hours so I can still work for myself and moving house (this week) so it's been a bit busy. The holiday really changed things for me, apart from the great weather the time away from my insular life gave me a chance to re-evaluate and see what I wanted more clearly and the help you gave me helped me to step back from my fears and see them for what they are....and deal with them...I have even been looking into things more spiritually and been reading into Buddhism and other faiths, there is something in most faiths I am just not sure what it is yet! but I will keep looking." M.C. Stowmarket

"20 months ago my life was so different. I was nearly 17 stone and I was so grumpy, aggressive and miserable. I didn't think I could feel any lower. I had tried everything - or so I thought. I was handed a leaflet (about stow-hypno) and I have never looked back. In just under 2 years everything has changed. To start with I lost 3 stone and it was easy. No diet and no telling myself, "I can't eat that." Then my marriage broke down and I believed I wouldn't cope. Not only did Gavin help me keep on track with the weight loss, he also helped me through one of the hardest times in my life. Now I am 5 stone lighter and happier than I have been for a long time...I really don't think I could have made it through the last 2 years without Gavin's help and encouragement...If you are thinking about hypnotherapy I can whole-heartedly recommend it." D.G-M. Stowmarket

"...I couldn't really believe how quickly and easily the whole thing had happened, I had managed the full first stage of labour by myself using only the hypno-birthing breathing techniques, and was able to remain focussed and in no pain throughout...the midwives just sat and watched the whole thing without interfering at all. I am so pleased that I used hypnobirthing and only wish that I had known about it for my first labour. I am really proud of myself for achieving a pain-free birth..." K.V.Stowmarket (Read the full testimonial here)

"Before I came to see Gavin most of my time was spent checking things, from spiders in my bedroom, the oven being turned off to doors being locked, in the belief that if I did this checking, nothing bad would happen to me or my family. I had suffered with OCD for more than 20 years and the best decision I made was to come to see Gavin. I feel like a new woman! My head is no longer cluttered with 'checking' thoughts and I feel so much more confident in myself and happier. The best thing is I have more time to spend with my family and my children won't grow up watching me checking things, so there's no chance they will copy me." (name/ initials withheld by request)

"I really want to take the opportunity to thank you for the changes you have helped me to make over the past couple of months.  I have now lost over a stone and I know that I am going to be able to carry on losing weight until I reach my target. I am also confident, for the first time in my life, that I have the ability to maintain a steady weight once I reach that target. Having managed to get myself into a spiral of eating for no apparent reason, yet still desperately wanting to lose weight, I had convinced myself that I would never be able to get back down to a sensible weight, so I carried on eating the junk food I had become accustomed to, even though I knew I was just making the problem worse day by day. I was amazed that after our first session I was able to cut out the junk food and I found the techniques you taught me easy to follow, and a huge motivation. i am so pleased to have been able to put the negativity of years of unsuccessful dieting behind me."

And a 12 month follow-up reads...
"I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you again for the sessions I had with you last year - they are still really paying off and it has made a huge difference to my life. Bizarrely I think it has also really affected the way I am with E. (daughter) at meal times, encouraging her to stop eating when she is full, and I think my family have also realised that it is a good value to take on board - we don't seem to have had half of the problems that some of my friends have had with their toddlers eating." K.R. Stowmarket
"I just needed to write and tell you how well I am doing, all thanks to you...I no longer have painful memories of a very unhappy and abusive childhood...with your help I have become much more assertive and confident. I am far less angry with the world now...after five months of therapy sessions with you I have gone through a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE...I now feel six feet tall and able to deal with any situation that comes my way without the need of alcohol or comfort eating...thank you so much." B.G. Stowmarket
"I want to thank you so much for the help you gave me to stop smoking. I would never have believed it could be so easy but you made me see what I was doing to myself and gave me the confidence to stop. It has been nearly three months and I feel like a new person. I have joined a gym and go 3 /4 times a week with the money I am saving from not smoking and am really enjoying exercising, my breathing is much easier and the tightness in my chest has gone. I no longer wake up in the morning coughing and seem to have a better sense of taste and my food even tastes better. It is great to know that I, and my clothes do not smell of smoke and I do not feel an outcast anymore. I cannot believe having been a smoker for 35 years that hypno-therapy would help me stop with such ease especially as I gave up for four years but craved a cigarette every time I saw someone smoke; now it doesn't bother me when colleagues at work light up. I just know I will never smoke again. I cannot thank you enough...many, many thanks." C.A. Bury St. Edmunds
"I would like to convey my sincere thanks for the professional help and guidance through a very difficult period in my life. The techniques which you instilled during hypnosis proved very, very effective...my life is far more relaxed and positive thanks to you." W.M. Stowmarket

"...I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that deciding to come and visit you was not only one of the best decisions I have made in my life, I can state that it was the best money I have ever spent. You have, and the work we have done, has made a huge positive impact on my life and I will surely be gushing about you for years to come!"  N. D. Stowmarket

"After a long time of suffering with skin problems on my arms, legs and face I was getting to the end of my tether with going to the doctors and a dermatologist, being given bucket loads of creams. Nobody could seem to help me and all I got from the doctors was, "Your job is aggravating your skin. Give it up and find an office job." Not wanting to give up my career (I'm a tree surgeon) I tried all sorts of other lotions and potions but to no avail...I saw Gavin's flyer and with nothing else to lose I gave it a go and after just the first session I saw an immediate improvement in my skin. Two more sessions followed and now my skin is completely clear. If you're slightly unsure about trying hypnotherapy all I can say is just try it, you'll be amazed." E. B. Ipswich

"I came to see you as a last resort to help me with my weight problem...you have done far more than help me on the road to steady weight loss...you gave me back my will to live, my confidence and ability to enjoy life again...thanks to your help I have not felt so good for many years...life is just wonderful..." B.W. Ipswich

"Just wanted to drop you a line and express my sincere thanks to you for the sessions I had leading up to my law exam for promotion within the police. The techniques which you instilled in me were of great help. When it came down to the morning of the exam I was naturally nervous but the whole experience was completely calm, relaxed, and focused. I did not want to judge the hypnosis by the exam result and it is clear to me that the sessions were wholly relevant and beneficial. The result of the exam however was important to me and out of the 88 candidates that sat the law exam only 16 passed. I was delighted to be informed that I was one of the 16 and that my 60%+ aim was achieved at 65% when the force average was only 45%. Great admiration to you for both aspects. Without hesitation I will be recommending your services and may I wish you every success in whatever you do." P.B. felixstowe

"...prior to coming to see you I think it was the lowest I have ever felt! I didn't really want to leave the house and had no confidence. Since coming to see you I have felt the old me return, a person I had not seen in sometime. I now feel able to step out of my comfort zone without panicking and am having such a good time doing things I wouldn't have done before. Plus I don't seem to feel sick anymore, which is fantastic!" V.R. Stowmarket

"Just as there was a light at the end of the tunnel, with the children all grown up, money getting easier, more time to ourselves etc., my life just seemed to stop. I became frightened of everything. I was terrified of travelling in the car, on the roads I would have panic attacks and sheer terror would take over, we couldn't travel on the motorways we had to poodle down the country lanes to get anywhere. Something had to be done, enough was enough - I was getting so I couldn't/wouldn't go out. I knew I couldn't go on feeling like this. One phone call and four visits to Gavin is all it took to put all my fears and anxieties to rest. I feel like a different person and already I've done more in two weekends than I had managed to do in two or three years. This weekend we travelled over 400 miles to see our son without one moments panic travelling on major motorways. If I had realised someone could help me I would have made that phone call to gavin earlier - I can only say thank you for all his help and support." G.H. Suffolk
"I have not picked up a fag since I came to see you and the thought of it makes me feel really sick...I just wish I'd have come to see you earlier..." R.W. Stowmarket

"After just one session with you I passed my driving test...this was after five previous failures...I felt so relaxed and confident...thank you." C.M. Saxmundham

"Our sessions have been truly amazing...I stopped eating cakes, biscuits and sweets after the first session...I am losing weight steadily as I have been able to change my eating habits." L.H. Bury St. Edmunds

"I was extremely low in self-esteem, self confidence...my girlfriend and I were finding it hard to go out and have a good time as I was getting jealous...I felt like I could not control my feelings...since my last session, four weeks ago, we have been out every weekend and had a fantastic time with no problems at all. My confidence has grown enormously and now both myself and my girlfriend feel our relationship is so much stronger...thank you very much." S.M. Stowmarket

"I was unable to fly without a two week build up of fast pulse, vomiting and panic spells. In the airport symptoms increased, spending most of the time in the rest rooms, gagging, vomiting, unable to concentrate to even be able to hold a conversation, eat or drink, feeling as though I would rather die.  I hadn't flown for some years and had decided that I would never fly again. After a personal recommendation I contacted you and what a change. I still really don't know how or why things changed but I am so pleased that I made the first steps. The next flight with my husband was so good he could not believe he was flying with the same person. He could not stop remarking on how I had changed and how different I was. Calm, relaxed, taking an interest on what was going on around me, chatting, even managed to eat something in the airport and on plane. I am sure you have helped me open doors to many more visits abroad that before I would have never believed possible." S.H. Ipswich   

"After experiencing travel sickness for most of my life it seems incredible to be able to enjoy coach trips without that familiar sick feeling and also finding myself on the top of a double decker which I would never have done before...driving has also been an ordeal for me, worrying about drivers' behind me and lack of confidence in myself. But after a few hypnotherapy sessions I now find myself volunteering to drive and slowly starting to relax and enjoy driving more." H.L. Stowmarket

"...we are letting you know that since our visit to you we have not had a cigarette.  We are feeling very smug about it but we couldn't have achieved this without your help.  THANK YOU." M.A. and R.D. Milton Keynes

"I was suffering with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. I heard about hypnotherapy and decided to give it a try. Gavin made me feel completely at ease and after several sessions (5) I feel back in control of my life. Many thanks." N.H. Stowmarket

"I cannot thank you enough...after just two sessions with you my panic attacks stopped completely...you have changed my whole outlook on life." S.G. Stowmarket


"I went to stow-hypno as I had suffered from vertigo in quite a disabling way for 70 years. We had 5 or 6 sessions using a combination of hypnosis and NLP and with very little preparation at home I set off for a visit to Ethiopia. I was astonished...I had my first drive through serious mountains which I could enjoy and look at the view as opposed to clinging on to the seat with whitened knuckles whilst looking fixedly at the floor. I chose to seek out a gorge near a temple I was visiting, which was the equivalent of the Grand Canyon and stood on its edge, looking down 1000 feet to the Blue Nile. This has been the most marvellous improvement in my life that I can remember. It has been almost impossible to accept that my mindset could be so changed after so many years." C.C. Stowmarket


"...I had experienced 5 months of depression, severe insomnia, and panic attacks. I had even given up my job because I could not make decisions and found it difficult to leave the house. Conventional medicine was helping a little but not enough... within a few weeks...I began to feel better, my sleep improved enormously and I began to get my life back, regained my self esteem and confidence. I am now applying for jobs and can look forward to the future." A.W. Bury St. Edmunds   


"A huge thank you to Gavin for his professional help and support; after just a few hypnosis sessions my perspective on life is now very positive and rewarding; the fears and anxieties are in the past, enabling me to enjoy life with enthusiasm." S.G. Stowmarket   


"I've noticed that on seeing a spider I no longer feel my heart pounding or the urge to run away. I can quite happily sit in the vicinity of larger spiders, not really bothering whether they are removed or not. I used to have to watch their every move to ensure that they did not disappear from view with the possibility of returning at a later date when I would be unprepared.  I have even gone as far as to catch a fairly large spider in a shoe box, something that was totally impossible previously.  The difference is amazing.  Before undergoing hypnotherapy I couldn't imagine my life not being ruled by the fear of finding a spider but now it is not.  It has set me free...many thanks." A.B. Ipswich


"It has been 7 months now since I came to see you for help with giving up smoking and I can report that I have not had 1 single cigarette in that time, despite working with and socialising with smokers! I have smoked on and off (mostly on!) for nearly 30 years and although I have stopped smoking 3 times, I always went back to it and never really believed that I could kick the habit completely. I tried most forms of NRT - gum, patches and tablets and although they helped with the physical cravings it was the emotional side that I needed help with - I needed my brain to be "programmed" to forget that I smoke and that is exactly how I felt after my hypnotherapy session. Despite some fairly stressful times recently when I would traditionally have started smoking again, I could draw on some of the information and scenarios that I received from you and that certainly convinced me not to start again! ... thank you for giving me my life back and no longer to be "ruled" by smoking, I certainly feel much healthier and never give nicotine any thought, other than being relieved that finally I no longer need it - there is life after smoking!" L.W. Stowmarket


"I thought I would drop you a quick line regarding the appointment arranged for us on 30th November. I'm afraid we will have to cancel as I'm really sure it is not required anymore. Since our last (and first) session that I had with you I have been able to go swimming twice.The first swim was a tiny bit worrying as I have not been brave enough to go for years!!! But I managed to get myself into the pool AND swim up to the deeper end and over one of the grids that are there at the bottom (WITH MY HUSBAND CLOSE AT MY SIDE AT ALL TIMES). I was feeling very anxious and uncomfortable doing so but for the first time in a pool I was surprised that I even got myself up that end in the first place!!! Very, very good start and proof that the session with you had started to prove something good. At that point I was sure I still needed another session with you to build up my confidence though. Because we had to cancel the second appointment with you, as I was feeling very poorly with my pregnancy, I had the chance the following Saturday to go swimming again. I did so and was really proud of myself as I managed to swim straight into the deeper end and over a grid without the slightest bit of panic (AND ALONE) as my husband was chatting with someone and didn't actually see me swim off in that direction. I have you to thank for it. I am very happy and looking forward to going again without the anxieties I usually take along with me. I can't thank you enough for helping with this and making me realise that there was nothing to be afraid of." T.C. Stowmarket 

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